Voice-First devices, and what they mean to you

Voice-First devices, and what they mean to you

So it seems that there is a new trend arising that we may or may not know. Voice-First devices. I understand that terminology is something you are not used to hearing but you may already be using it. Voice-first devices includes products like Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot, as well as later arrivals like Google Home, for example. And VoiceLabs expects that at least two of the three other major tech companies – Apple, Samsung or Microsoft – will also ship a voice-first device in 2017, contributing to its estimates. Currently, Amazon is leading the market in this space,  as consumers embrace voice computing as a natural way to interact with machines. Amazon Echo sales were estimated to have reached over 5 million to date ahead of the 2016 holiday season. Afterwards, Amazon said Echo family device sales were up over 9 times from last year’s holiday season, and that “millions” were sold worldwide during the year.Voice-First Device Footprint

When it comes to the use cases that are resonating with consumers, Music Streaming & Books, Home Automation, Games & Entertainment, and News & Podcasts dominate.

Amazon Alexa App Store by Volume of Apps

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