Technological understanding is a moving target.  Luckily, end users usually only need to know a relatively small amount.  That said, what they need to know is critical.  If you or your team is expecting upgrades or you feel like you just want to know more about your computer, our Technical Training service is perfect for you.

Our low-cost training sessions leverage our constantly expanding pool of experience to deliver lessons tailored to any of a variety of topics.  We can cover something as broad as Computer Basics or as specific as Microsoft Access 2010.  If you have a specialized, obscure, or mission-critical piece of software, we can work with you to develop a public or private training curriculum that you can utilize whenever necessary.

Contact us to find out if we have a course available for what you want to learn.  A course catalog is being compiled, including outlines for each session.

Current prices:

  • $30 per seat
  • $175 per hour (session) for groups 40+

For small groups, get $5 off of your cost for each guest you bring who pays full price.  That means if you bring six paying classmates with you, you get in free!

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