IT Security – Survey Says A Third of SMBs Ready


IT Security – Survey Says A Third of SMBs Ready

A new report put out by webroot, in partnership with wakefield research, shows that small to medium businesses are not prepared to tackle their own it security.

The report states that the IT security issues plaguing most SMBs are:


    Many small to medium business have a limited IT department at best. This spreads what IT team you may have too thin. It also doesn’t allow for proper attention to every aspect of security. In today’s world of ever-evolving security attacks, this always puts a company behind the ball.


    Most companies feel that they are more vulnerable due to the lack of funding for security. Whether they can afford to hire in-house IT or pay for the hardware to secure their networks is a major challenge for most SMBs.


    Some SMBs pointed out that they were concerned most about internal attacks by disgruntled employees. This was followed by unsecured networks, both internal and external, like free Wi-Fi. They also cite unsecured endpoints such as workstations and mobile devices as a growing cause for concern.

The report also states that SMBs generally feel like they are unable to keep up with cybersecurity.


The consensus by most SMBs is to outsource security to professionals. This allows them to refocus their in-house IT on their direct needs. This also puts less stress on the in-house team letting them work more effectively.

Most SMBs accomplish this by finding a Managed Service Provider or MSP that fits their security needs. A good MSP will be able to outline what services and software they will use to protect your assets. Cloud-based security offerings available to MSPs will help reduce the cost of infrastructure and the amount of time required to get a security plan in place.

Computers That Werk is an MSP with just those types of services available. We offer 24/7 monitoring of workstations, servers, and networks as well as endpoint antivirus and backup solutions for critical information. Please view our IT Managed Services page for pricing and contact us today for a consultation and see how we can increase your business’ security.

You can read Webroot – 2015 SMB Threat Report here.

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