Rumor is: Apple may lose the charging cord completely with iPhone 8

Rumor is: Apple may lose the charging cord completely with iPhone 8

With every new  iPhone, Apple seems determined to reduce the smartphone’s size and the number of physical ports it has. The latest and greatest rumor out is that the company may introduce wireless charging on its next iPhone — indicates Apple may be considering cutting wires (and another port) all together.

Earlier this month,Ming-Chi Kuo, a financial analyst highly regarded for his accurate Apple predictions, asserted that the next iterations of the iPhone will include wireless charging. How true is that? We will only know come Sept 2017. Also earlier this week, it was revealed that Apple in January joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which promotes the Qi magnetic resonance charging specification.

While Apple often follows technology and not initiate it allowing others to push the envelope first before it moves into a market with its own advances — it does have a history of changing user behavior through interfaces. That may mean wired charging could be missing completely on the next iPhone, said Rob Rueckert, the managing director at Sorenson Capital, a private equity and venture capital firm.

“They forced users into a different model with the wireless Earbuds [AirPods],” Rueckert said. “If you buy an iPhone 8, or whatever future versions they have, are they going to take it to the point where they only allow wireless charging?”

Here at Computers That Werk would love to finally see the iPhone charge wirelessly. It has been mentioned time and time again and we are unsure on exactly why it is taking Apple so long to finally debut it. Let us all cross our fingers to see this new rumor.

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