My thoughts of the iPhone 6 Plus after over 2 years of owning it

My thoughts of the iPhone 6 Plus after over 2 years of owning it

So let me start off this blog with the fact that I am an Apple fan. I love everything Apple including their iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad’s. I understand we are a IT Firm and Android is much more suitable since it has many more features but for some reason, my Apple products never let me down and when it does, Apple took care of me.

I purchased the iPhone 6 Plus over 2 years now (Nov 2014) because I wanted the newest phone and most importantly it was bigger and came in gold. I loved how much more larger it was than the 5. It was enormous in my hand and I loved every bit of it. The gold was spectacular looking and it made the iPhone look even more expensive and delicate every time I saw it.

I have gone through many good and bad with my iPhone. Computers That Werk was just started in Southwest Florida at the time I purchased this iPhone 6 Plus, watched my kids grow and the company. From everything I went through, I am surprised to see my phone still in tact. I mean, there is not one scratch or a screen break. I normally have a Otterbox for my phones but this time, I decided to not have one and just a tempered glass and back case. I do take care of my phones but even the best has had accidents. After purchasing it, I went ahead right away and unlocked it in order to have the availability of using any carrier. I originally had AT&T with my phone but the charges were not acceptable so I switched to T-Mobile. With having my phone unlocked, it was a easy take out the old sim card and insert the new and poof, my phone was working again on a new carrier with all my my contacts, photos and everything else in place. This also helps out dramatically when I travel outside the US. I can purchase any pre-paid sim card, activate it, and then insert it into my phone. This will give me the capabilities of having a phone to use without paying the outrageous roaming charges with my current carrier.


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