Microsoft wants to reinvent your PC

Microsoft wants to reinvent your PC

Microsoft’s Panos Panay is a veritable Santa Claus. Once a year he appears with magical creations that he and his Surface team have been producing in their labs in Redmond, Washington. Later today, Microsoft’s Santa Claus is expected to deliver his latest gift: a Surface PC. Panay has a history of leading a team whose focus is reinventing and redefining what our expectations of a computer should be. This will be no different.

Microsoft’s Surface team has successfully refined the Surface Pro into a tablet and laptop hybrid that is inspiring other PC makers, including Google and Apple, into creating their own versions. It might not be the perfect laptop or the perfect tablet, but it’s fair to say that Microsoft has managed to reinvent the ideas of what a tablet and a laptop should be.

Panay jumped on stage last October to unveil the Surface Book, Microsoft’s take on the laptop. Microsoft hasn’t created tablets or laptops in the way you’d expect, and the Surface Book’s detachable display is a great example of that. It surprised the crowds at Microsoft’s event last year, and many will now be expecting a similar wow moment at today’s event.

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