From Werk’s Desk: Have you heard of our new gizmo and gadgets?

From Werk’s Desk: Have you heard of our new gizmo and gadgets?

Have you heard of our new gizmo and gadgets?

computers-officeGood day everyone! I hope you all are having a fabulous day as I am. Today, I would love to share with you the new gizmo and gadgets we have here at Computers That Werk and how it is helping our customers.

Bomgar Remote Support Assistance

This year we have added Bomgar into our line of remote support assistance. We have always had remote support software in order to help all of our customers, but Bomgar is different. Bomgar adds many tools to its remote assistance software. Let me start off by saying it is super fast. We have used many remote assistance software in the past and I have to say that Bomgar is by far the fastest and also the easiest to use. We have a universal application that our remote support technicians go to. They are capable of seeing all of our Managed Service clients and honestly with one click, access the clients computer and begin fixing their computer issues. I absolutely love it! When our technicians are accessing the clients computer, it is encrypted so there is no worries on anyone or anything accessing the remote support tunnel. Makes it worry free for everyone. There is one feature that I must let you know about because I am a huge fan of it. Bomgar is not subjected to what operating system you use or the clients. No matter if we are on a Mac, Windows or even Linux computer. We can have Bomgar installed and fix our clients problems in a jiffy. That’s the same for our client. We can install on any operating system as well. A lot of remote support assistance software worked only for Windows or Windows and Mac. That was fine with some customers but not all. We needed to have the availability to have our remote assistance software work on all platforms and Bomgar does it! Here is a very nice video from Bomgar on how their remote support software works.

Zendesk Support Ticketing System

With that said, we knew we needed to bump up our ways of communication with our customers so we introduced zendesk support ticketing system. Zendesk Support provides clear visibility into customer interactions, which helps better serve their needs. This is important because personalized service requires greater context. Using our customer analytics and machine learning capabilities, we can better understand and predict customer satisfaction, measure performance, and uncover actionable insights across your data. If any of our clients need to let us know that they are having an issue, they can visit this link: and click the button that says, “Create a Support Ticket“. We love the way our support ticketing system works and so will you. Do you have an issue with an computer related items? Give our support ticketing system a try!

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Last but not least I would like to share with you the new Antivirus company we are partnered with and providing to all of our IT Managed Services clients. This antivirus company is Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security. We chose to partner with Bitdefender because we believe that they are currently the best AntiVirus company out. Bitdefender is the largest at what they do. With over 500 million machines protected, the Bitdefender Global Protective Network performs 11 Billion queries per day and uses machine learning and event correlation to detect threats without slowing down users. Here is an extended feature list that they have to offer.

  • Antivirus and antimalware

signatures, heuristics, continuous process monitoring and a global threat intelligence network.

  • Two-way firewall with Intrusion Detection/Prevention

The fully-featured two way personal firewall with Intrusion Detection is essential in blocking intrusion and hijack attempts.

  • Search Advisor and Web filtering

Potentially harmful websites are marked in the search results and known malicious pages are blocked.

  • Data protection

Prevent the loss of confidential data by setting filters that will block the transmission of sensitive information.

  • User web and application control

Restrict or block employee access to applications or web pages.

  • Power user and Restricted user modes.

You can choose to allow or deny users the ability to modify security settings for their system.

  • Remote and local quarantine management

The quarantine is stored locally but can be managed centrally from the control console.

  • Security policies and nested computer groups

Assign security policies to companies or groups of computers.

  • Multilanguage support

The solution is available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Romanian.

  • Real-time control of remote users (cloud console)

With the Bitdefender-hosted management console you can control and monitor remote users in real time.

  • Location-aware policies

Security policies that adapt as users take their systems outside the company.

  • User-aware policies (on-premise console)

Different security policies can be adapted based on employee roles in the company, they are available when there is an Active Directory integration and are applied when the user logs in.

  • Network discovery and mass remote install option

After you install Bitdefender on one computer, unprotected systems are automatically detected and you can remotely deploy protection to all of them.

  • Role-based user model

Internal accounts with different access privileges can be created in the management console.

  • Plug-and-play console deployment (on-premise)

Using a pre-configured virtual appliance installation means the console can be up in 30 minutes, not hours or days as with other solutions.

  • Instantly available web console (cloud)

With Bitdefender hosting the management infrastructure, the web console is available right after signup.

  • Device Control and USB scanning

Minimize risks of infections and data loss with automatic USB scanning and device control.

  • Removal of competitive solutions

During installation, Bitdefender detects competitive solutions and starts the uninstall process.

  • Endpoint Security Relay

Product and signature updates can be distributed more efficiently inside the network through a system that works as a relay.

  • Audit logs

Actions performed in the management console can be tracked in the audit logs.

  • Email notifications

Set up email notifications to be triggered automatically when certain events occur.

  • Monitoring Dashboard and reports

Centrally monitor the security posture of the organization using on-demand or scheduled reports.

  • Policy Inheritance

Enables the administrator to save time when creating new policies by using ones that are already created.

Bomgar Remote Support System, Zendesk Support Ticketing System and Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security are 3 great gadgets and gizmos here at Computers That Werk that we use and love using in order to provide our customers with Fantastic Service! I will continue with new articles about what is going on at Computers That Werk from “Werk’s Desk”. Till next time, have a great day!

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