iPhone 8: What to expect and not expect

So we are a few months away (6 months from the writing of this article) from the unveiling of the new iPhone 8. Based on our sources, the new iPhone 8 will be debuted in Sept 2017. Apple has launched a new iPhone in September every year since the iPhone 5 in 2012. September iPhone launches have a pretty consistent track record. This is Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone  and it is due for big changes! We at Computers That Werk have [...]

Rumor is: Apple may lose the charging cord completely with iPhone 8

With every new  iPhone, Apple seems determined to reduce the smartphone’s size and the number of physical ports it has. The latest and greatest rumor out is that the company may introduce wireless charging on its next iPhone — indicates Apple may be considering cutting wires (and another port) all together. Earlier this month,Ming-Chi Kuo, a financial analyst highly regarded for his accurate Apple predictions, asserted that the next iterations of the iPhone will include wireless charging. How true is that? [...]

My thoughts of the iPhone 6 Plus after over 2 years of owning it

So let me start off this blog with the fact that I am an Apple fan. I love everything Apple including their iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad’s. I understand we are a IT Firm and Android is much more suitable since it has many more features but for some reason, my Apple products never let me down and when it does, Apple took care of me. I purchased the iPhone 6 Plus over 2 years now (Nov 2014) because I [...]