Why content marketing’s future depends on shorter content and less content

Steve Rayson’s latest BuzzSumo article is provocative, interesting and well-written. But I do hope he’s wrong when he says the future will be about more content, not less. He shares why he thinks content marketing brands will begin producing more content in the days ahead, and how they’ll likely be successful by doing so. Upon reading the piece, I did a facepalm. I was reminded of a conversation I had a few years back, when I walked into the break [...]

Microsoft wants to reinvent your PC

Microsoft’s Panos Panay is a veritable Santa Claus. Once a year he appears with magical creations that he and his Surface team have been producing in their labs in Redmond, Washington. Later today, Microsoft’s Santa Claus is expected to deliver his latest gift: a Surface PC. Panay has a history of leading a team whose focus is reinventing and redefining what our expectations of a computer should be. This will be no different. Microsoft’s Surface team has successfully refined the [...]

Facebook will stop some of its race based AD targeting

Following scrutiny over the practice, Facebook says it will stop allowing certain ads from targeting users based on race. COMPANY WILL TURN OFF OPTION FOR HOUSING, EMPLOYMENT, AND CREDIT ADS As first reported at USA Today, Facebook will no longer allow ads based on “ethnic affinity” in three advertising areas. “We are going to turn off, actually prohibit, the use of ethnic affinity marketing for ads that we identify as offering housing, employment, and credit,” the company told the publication. The company said [...]