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BREAKING NEWS! Petya Ransomware Spreading Like Wildfire

On June 27 at approximately 10:30 UTC, a new ransomware family began propagating across multiple countries. The family, referred to as PetrWrap, is noteworthy because it combines traditional ransomware behavior with stealthy propagation techniques and a destructive attack element. This is PetrWrap, a new ransomware tool built from the bones of Petya, which held users’ files for “ransom” and demanded usually egregious payment in exchange for the encryption key earlier this spring. Without getting too deep in the weeds, PetrWrap [...]

WannaCry Ransomware Cyberattack Screenshot - Computers That Werk

Keeping Up with the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Video Courtesy of C|Net What is WannaCry?  WannaCry is classified as ransomware. Ransomware is a type of hacking attack known for holding user’s computers hostage until some ransom has been met. The ransom usually asks for Bitcoin, a type of currency that is untraceable.   How does WannaCry ransomware work? Upon infecting a computer, it encrypts all the data on a computer. This locks the computer down. The attack then posts a screen demanding you pay to regain access to your files. According to CNet’s [...]


How Do I Get My Website Back?

Sadly, while working in the web design & hosting industry, we have heard our fair share of horror stories from clients about previous encounters with designers or hosting companies not delivering on promises and even “locking” clients out of their websites. While we won’t give you legal advise, we can tell you how to get the keys BACK in your pocket and, with some foresight and due diligence, how to keep the keys to your castle. Regaining access to a hostage or [...]


Small Businesses are Big Fish

The high cost of recovery from a Security Breach Small to medium size businesses are what keep this country moving. Unfortunately, for many of these business owners, budgetary needs force them to make cuts that the mammoth corporations do not have to consider. These budget cuts can often result in reduced security and sub-par IT services that in the long run can end up costing the company even more money. Reacting to; and the recovery from, a security breach or [...]

iPhone 8: What to expect and not expect

So we are a few months away (6 months from the writing of this article) from the unveiling of the new iPhone 8. Based on our sources, the new iPhone 8 will be debuted in Sept 2017. Apple has launched a new iPhone in September every year since the iPhone 5 in 2012. September iPhone launches have a pretty consistent track record. This is Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone  and it is due for big changes! We at Computers That Werk have [...]

Microsoft advises to not install the Windows 10 Creators Update on your own

Microsoft would prefer it if you didn’t try to install the Windows 10 Creators Update yourself. Instead, Microsoft is encouraging everyone but advanced users to wait for the Creators Update to become available via Windows Update. That means workarounds for excited users, like the Media Creation Tool or the Windows Update Assistant, are discouraged. The reason for all this hesitation, according to Microsoft, is that the company wants to iron out any issues for specific hardware configurations before making the upgrade [...]


Drop whatever you’re doing and download Blizzard’s StarCraft for free

At some point, I knew it was coming, but I had no idea when Blizzard would release an absolutely free version of its StarCraft version of the game. That time is now, so drop whatever you’re doing and get your free copy of StarCraft right now. The game is compatible with both Windows and Mac and includes single player and multiplayer modes. Better yet, the download includes the Brood War expansion and comes with Blizzard’s first patch in eight years for the game. [...]

Did you know a typo took down S3, the backbone of the internet?

Earlier this week, much of the internet ground to a halt when the servers that power them suddenly vanished. The servers were part of S3, Amazon’s popular web hosting service, and when they went down they took several big services with them. Quora, Trello, and IFTTT were among the sites affected by the disruption. The servers came back online more than four hours later, but not before totally ruining the UK celebration of AWSome Day. Now we know how it [...]

Rumor is: Apple may lose the charging cord completely with iPhone 8

With every new  iPhone, Apple seems determined to reduce the smartphone’s size and the number of physical ports it has. The latest and greatest rumor out is that the company may introduce wireless charging on its next iPhone — indicates Apple may be considering cutting wires (and another port) all together. Earlier this month,Ming-Chi Kuo, a financial analyst highly regarded for his accurate Apple predictions, asserted that the next iterations of the iPhone will include wireless charging. How true is that? [...]

Voice-First devices, and what they mean to you

So it seems that there is a new trend arising that we may or may not know. Voice-First devices. I understand that terminology is something you are not used to hearing but you may already be using it. Voice-first devices includes products like Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot, as well as later arrivals like Google Home, for example. And VoiceLabs expects that at least two of the three other major tech companies – Apple, Samsung or Microsoft – will also ship a [...]