Monthly Archives - January 2017

Voice-First devices, and what they mean to you

So it seems that there is a new trend arising that we may or may not know. Voice-First devices. I understand that terminology is something you are not used to hearing but you may already be using it. Voice-first devices includes products like Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot, as well as later arrivals like Google Home, for example. And VoiceLabs expects that at least two of the three other major tech companies – Apple, Samsung or Microsoft – will also ship a [...]

My thoughts of the iPhone 6 Plus after over 2 years of owning it

So let me start off this blog with the fact that I am an Apple fan. I love everything Apple including their iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad’s. I understand we are a IT Firm and Android is much more suitable since it has many more features but for some reason, my Apple products never let me down and when it does, Apple took care of me. I purchased the iPhone 6 Plus over 2 years now (Nov 2014) because I [...]